How the Korean Police Science Institute uses Simian and Basis to validate AV stack performance

August 2, 2023
The Police Science Institute uses Applied’s simulation and verification and validation (V&V) products to create scenarios and validate AV stack performance in a virtual environment.
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Applied Intuition and NI Collaborate to Accelerate Validation Test of Autonomous Driving Technology

May 11, 2023
Applied Intuition and NI are working together to provide reliable test systems for ADAS and AD validation, enabling the automotive industry to bring their products to market faster.
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LG Electronics Partners With Applied Intuition to Train a Camera System for Autonomous Mobile Robots With Synthetic Data

April 12, 2023
Applied Intuition and LG Electronics are partnering to accelerate the development of camera systems for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with synthetic training data.
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How May Mobility Uses Applied’s Simulation Software to Make Public Transportation More Safe, Equitable, and Accessible

February 28, 2023
May Mobility uses Applied Intuition’s large-scale simulation solutions to accelerate its software development cycle and improve its rider experience while saving time and resources.
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Applied Intuition Sponsors Carnegie Autonomous Racing

February 2, 2023
Applied Intuition is proud to sponsor Carnegie Autonomous Racing (CAR)—a student-led club at Carnegie Mellon University. Founded in January 2022, CAR builds autonomous systems through experiential learning and driverless racing.
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Ambarella Partners With Applied Intuition to Offer Scalable HIL Testing for CV3-AD Domain Controller SoCs

January 2, 2023
Ambarella and Applied’s joint solution enables customers to run Applied-powered simulations directly on Ambarella’s CV3-AD hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) card without waiting for an electronic control unit (ECU) to become available.
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Guest Blog: Driving the Development of AV Merge Planning Algorithms at Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory

August 23, 2022
Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory has been using Applied’s simulation products for their new publication about autonomous vehicle merge planning on freeways. Learn how the research lab tested and validated strategies for merging in the presence of cooperative or non-cooperative human driving behavior.
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Applied Intuition Partners With Ouster to Speed Up Customer Deployment of Lidar-Based Perception Systems

August 4, 2022
Applied Intuition has partnered with Ouster to develop, validate, and release synthetic models of Ouster lidars. Applied’s sensor simulation software enables Ouster’s customers to accelerate the deployment of new Ouster lidars.
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Guest Blog: Boosting driveblocks’ Autonomous Driving Functionality with Applied’s Simulation Software

July 28, 2022
The driveblocks team has developed full-stack autonomous driving algorithms at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Learn how a new startup with a deep international research background uses Applied’s solutions to master the challenges of commercial AV development.
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Caterpillar Collaborates With Applied Intuition on Virtual Testing of Autonomous Machines

May 3, 2022
Applied Intuition and Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, are collaborating to accelerate the testing of autonomous systems.
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Applied Intuition Partners With Nissan to Improve the Safety and Scalability of Advanced Driver-Assistance Technology

April 25, 2022
Applied Intuition has partnered with Nissan on the development of an automated collision avoidance system aimed to reduce accidents and improve safety.
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Applied Intuition and Supernal Collaborate to Pursue Advanced Simulation of Safe Autonomous Advanced Air Mobility

February 3, 2022
Applied Intuition and Supernal are collaborating to enable testing, certification, and deployment of safe and reliable autonomous advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles.
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Seegrid and Applied Intuition Partner to Create Simulations to Accelerate Autonomous Material Handling Solutions for Seegrid Palion AMRs

December 15, 2021
The leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) leverages Applied’s simulation tools to develop next-generation material handling automation solutions.
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Torc Robotics Collaborates With Applied Intuition to Accelerate Development and Validation of Autonomous Trucks

November 9, 2021
The multi-year, strategic collaboration will help Daimler-Torc’s autonomous vehicles to prepare for unpredictable, potentially dangerous events in the real-world.
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