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Applied Intuition Continues Long-Standing Partnership With Virtual Mechanics Corporation for Providing CarSim Products in Japan

August 25, 2022

Applied Intuition is continuing a 23-year-long partnership with Virtual Mechanics Corporation. Since 1999, Virtual Mechanics has been a distributor for Mechanical Simulation Corporation products in the Japanese market and has been providing excellent technical support to CarSim users.

Mechanical Simulation—most commonly known for its flagship product, CarSim—is a technology leader in vehicle dynamics simulation software (Figure 1). Applied acquired Mechanical Simulation earlier this year.

Figure 1: CarSim’s interface includes intuitive visualization and plotting tools

Virtual Mechanics is a distributor of advanced software for automotive development in Japan. The company has been a distribution partner for CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim, and SuspensionSim for many years. The team has deep experience using the products and expert knowledge of vehicle dynamics.

With its long history of success and excellent technical support, Virtual Mechanics will remain a distributor of Mechanical Simulation products in the Japanese market. Japanese customers can look forward to continued high-quality technical support and improved product collaboration between Mechanical Simulation and Applied products in the near future.

“We are very proud to be a distributor of Mechanical Simulation products for Applied in Japan,” said Eiji Takita, President of Virtual Mechanics. “I am confident that our partnership with Applied will help grow the CarSim business further and create synergy effects with other Applied products for Japanese customers.”