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Applied Intuition Partners With Nissan to Improve the Safety and Scalability of Advanced Driver-Assistance Technology

April 25, 2022

Applied Intuition has partnered with Nissan on the development of an automated collision avoidance system aimed to reduce accidents and improve safety.

Nissan today announced the development of a new driver-assistance technology that can automatically perform collision avoidance maneuvers (Figure 1). The company utilizes Applied’s simulation tools to test, validate, and deploy its automated collision avoidance system at scale.

Figure 1: Nissan’s ProPILOT Concept Zero test vehicle

Nissan shared details about its new driver-assistance technology on its website. The company’s ground truth perception technology fuses information from next-generation high-performance lidar, radar, and cameras that recognize the shape and distance of objects with a high degree of accuracy. Utilizing this information, the vehicle instantly analyzes the changing situation and automatically performs collision avoidance operations when necessary. By detecting traffic jams and road obstacles, the system also allows the automatic changing of lanes and autonomous driving in situations where map information is not available.


Simulation is critical to the development of complex driver-assistance technology. Nissan uses Applied’s simulation tools to test its system in high-fidelity virtual environments (Figure 2). Applied’s products enable development teams to create thousands of scenarios in minutes, run simulations at scale, and validate algorithms for safe production deployment. They allow teams to drive millions of miles in simulation and test edge cases that do not occur during on-road testing.

Figure 2: Applied Intuition’s simulation tool (left) allows development teams to test driver-assistance technology in high-fidelity virtual environments in addition to on-road testing (right).

“We chose to work with Applied Intuition because of its state-of-the-art simulation technology,” said Takao Asami, Senior Vice President at Nissan. “For advanced collision avoidance control, it is critical to develop verification technology in a digital environment with a high degree of accuracy. Using Applied’s tools, we are comprehensively validating our system for various complex situations that could arise in the real world.”


“We are excited to partner with Nissan and help make driving safer,” said Qasar Younis, CEO and Co-Founder of Applied Intuition. “Nissan has been the first to market a number of advanced driver-assistance technologies. Through this partnership, we aim to make a significant contribution to reduced traffic accidents and the realization of autonomous driving in the future.”