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Applied Intuition’s Simulator Is ISO 26262 Certified!

November 3, 2021

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Applied Inuition’s simulation tool Simian has been ISO 26262 certified by TÜV Nord. Manufacturers of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems can rely on Simian as a core part of their validation workflow.

Like any safety-critical system, an ADAS or AV system needs to be extensively tested, verified, and validated in its operational design domain (ODD). International standards like ISO 26262 and SOTIF require ADAS and AV manufacturers to prove the safety of their systems. ISO 26262 focuses on the functional safety of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems in road vehicles, including ADAS and AV systems. It also applies to software tools that help ADAS and AV manufacturers develop and test their systems.

ADAS and AV teams can rely on Simian to validate changes in their stack

Simian—Applied’s core simulation tool for ADAS and AV systems—allows development teams to create scenarios and run virtual tests that are deterministic and repeatable (Figure 1). It also allows teams to create hundreds of variations of the same scenario and increase coverage of long-tail events.

Figure 1: Simian allows ADAS and AV development teams to create scenarios and run virtual tests.

Simian has been certified to Tool Confidence Level (TCL) 3, according to ISO 26262:2018, part 8, section 11 by TÜV Nord and has been qualified for the development of automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) D safety-critical autonomous systems. TÜV Nord assessed Simian’s core simulator and its integration process by evaluating its development process, requirement specification, implementation, and verification & validation process. 

Simian’s ISO 26262 certification means that ADAS and AV manufacturers can rely on Simian to support their algorithm development and to validate changes in their stack. TCL 3—the highest of three confidence levels in the ISO 26262 standard—is required for tools that are used by engineers to detect safety-related errors in their ADAS or AV system.

“Simian’s ISO 26262 certification helps our global customers develop safe and reliable autonomous vehicles,” said Adam Leeper, Engineering Manager at Applied Intuition. “By using Simian as a part of their development and validation processes, our customers can avoid the time and complexity of certifying their own in-house or open-source tools.”

Reach out to our engineering team if you’d like to learn more about Simian’s ISO 26262 certification!

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